To my friend, My single friend

You’re not going for shopping in a mall where goods have price tags. You’re not buying condiments inside Lagos traffic. You’re going to the open market at Oyingbo where Iya Tawa is the pepper seller... You don’t have a housemaid to send. Poor bachelor! You are going yourself.


The Trials of the Rivals

It used to be uhuru but now no longer at ease... First, for history since they have qualified for every World cup since 1970. It is unthinkable that Messi a record five-time world best player will not be playing in Russia. Thirdly, Ecuador should not be a mountain too high to climb. Perhaps fourthly, FIFA will not be pleased...

Dear Nigerian Doctor

Dear Young Doctor, I write to you not as a doctor but as a friend. I know a lot is going through your mind in recent times. You recently finished your youth service and suddenly you were jeered to the reality of a profession you started getting acquainted with just over a year ago. You … Continue reading Dear Nigerian Doctor

The Wedding Parties

This is a real life story of a wedding party that I attended on the same day I watched the unreal much-talked-about comedy The Wedding Party. Coincidence? Let me start with the wedding party of my friend. The Great Gatsby was the theme of the wedding reception. I had watched the movie but I had … Continue reading The Wedding Parties

This Present Hustle

...Poor people were marched upon like pawns. The middle class, bleeding more money like wounded knights, became more irritable. The rich business and political kings and society queens became vulnerable. Our bishops and priests preached more comforting and morale boosting messages in the face of dwindling tithes and offering...

The Experience, My Experience

That mannequin challenge I saw on Facebook was fresh. Fresh, bearded and built, Pastor Paul was on point. The prelude to that yearly event was dope. My waka to TBS for The Experience 2016 was also interesting. Although this would be my first attendance, I anticipated a rush at the venue. So I bought unleavened … Continue reading The Experience, My Experience

Trump: When the world stood still

The US Election2016 has come and gone. What started last year as a joke and likened to hiphop rapper Kanye West's laughable presidential ambition has come to pass. Yes. Mr Donald Trump the popular real estate mogul, best-selling author, casino "royale" and The Apprentice  Reality TV star is now on his way to the white … Continue reading Trump: When the world stood still

When a Woman Cries

It's been such a long time. Apologies. But thank you for checking back once again. Better things to come. Meanwhile enjoy this.   She was my first patient on that Monday and we started. One may say the elderly woman was a bit garrulous, but I understood she just wanted to uncork all her bottled … Continue reading When a Woman Cries

Our President…My President.

The past few months have reinforced some of my political perspectives and at the same time taught me about the mind games tossed at us by the powers that be, both from the exalted public offices and the cyberspace; the twists, turns, emotions, sentiments and occasionally, the idiocy, ruthlessness and inhumanity attached. Nigeria as a … Continue reading Our President…My President.

Church, Money and the Public

Much have been said and many have heard. Little are helped, but many more are not clear. These are the realities I have observed in the wake of online talks and counter-talks involving the church, money, and the public. One may have noticed that some try to sit on the fence either in indifference or … Continue reading Church, Money and the Public

Philemon: the epistle in Pidgin

A part of The HOLY BIBLE inspired by the Holy Spirit and profitable for instructions. This is only a careful translation and does not (and should not be taken to) in any way play down the Spirit that speaks, rather it tries to bring the tone of the letter down to the understanding of the … Continue reading Philemon: the epistle in Pidgin

Ruth Abokoku

Many will agree that when a woman really falls in love with a man, she does so almost irreversibly such that she does everything possible to be in her man's heart always. Her affection is ravishingly sweet. She becomes lovesick without him. She will not give up easily even when that man strays a bit … Continue reading Ruth Abokoku

Love Yourself First

LOVE YOURSELF FIRST Listen to its voice. Listen to its yearnings  Answer its questions. Don't ignore its cry Give it the care it deserves. Water it Don't ignore its quiet whisper amidst much social noise Don't neglect yourself. Don't forget yourself  Don't punish yourself. Don't exclude yourself Don't disqualify yourself. Don't deny yourself Don't deceive … Continue reading Love Yourself First